Standard of care should be the only indicator of animal welfare

Standard of care should be the only indicator of animal welfare

07 June 2017
The Victorian Minister for Agriculture has renewed the Applicable Organisation status of 5 organisations while still intending to target large professional breeders. Despite the recommendations by the Upper House Inquiry to abandon the 10-fertile female limit, it appears that the Government is still seeking  to impose the limit by 2020.
Matt of Banksia Park Puppies is disappointed by the recent actions of the Minister for Agriculture.

“Members of Applicable Organisations make up 54% of current investigations by the RSPCA, yet they have now been exempted by the Minister from operating under Victoria’s current Code of Practice which is the most rigorous in the world.”

“The Minister wants Victorian pets to come from breeders who value the welfare of their animals yet she continues to pursue a policy that is based on the numbers of animals kept by the breeder instead of the standards of care by which the breeder operates.”

“We would like to see all breeders held accountable to a standard of care that is based purely on animal welfare standards, not numbers. The Government is not addressing the real concern from Victorians about standards of care.”

“We are the most open and transparent dog breeder in Victoria with incredibly high standards of care and management. All Banksia Park Puppy owners know exactly where their puppy came from and the conditions that mum, dad and puppies live in.”

“Our customers are perplexed at how the Minister for Agriculture has not consulted with us, or visited our property to see how large scale, ethical, professional breeding can be done.”

“The Government does not seem to be listening to the overwhelming expert evidence provided to the Upper House Inquiry to abandon the 10 dog fertile female limit, or consult with the largest professional breeder in Victoria.”

Matt is also disappointed by the Government’s intention to keep the timeframe for the limit of fertile female dogs at 2020.

“The timeframe for delivery of the fertile female limit remaining at 2020 is not practical and demonstrates the lack of consultation from the Government with experienced breeders such as ourselves.”

Matt notes that the Government intends to address the issues raised in the Inquiry in the redraft of the Bill. With the 10-dog limit strongly opposed by most Industry experts he hopes to see a redraft of the Bill which will focus on standards of care rather than a cap on numbers.
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