Who are we?

Who are we?

Banksia Park Puppies is a family company managed by Matthew Hams who has been involved with puppies all his life.

It has operated from the current site in Stradbroke, Gippsland since the early 1990's, and from Banksia Park Puppies Riverina from 2020. The family's involvement in the dog breeding industry goes back to the 1950's when Matt's grandfather Alan Phillips started breeding hunting and working dogs. He became legendary, selling them with poems in the 'Weekly Times'. People bought his dogs unseen on the guarantee that if they were not suitable, they could be returned. Not one dog ever came back.

Alan started breeding companion dogs in the late 1970's and continued well into the '90s. Matt's father Colin Hams, started breeding dogs for the pet industry in the early 1980's (before Matt was born), so dogs have been part of his life for as long as he can remember.

Colin's Mum Mary, has also taken a very active role in the business. Now all of the family - including Matt's two small children and wife - all have a role looking after the puppies.
Our retailing is looked after by the very experienced Nick Croom. He has been helping Australian families pick the right puppy for their lifestyle for over 20 years. We have chosen Nick and his team specifically to partner with us to help your family choose the best puppy for you and your lifestyle, and to help you with any aftersales enquiries you may have. His experience and knowledge not only about puppies but specifically with the breeds and temperaments of our Banksia Park Puppies make him the perfect person to help us meet the needs of our customers. Nick is genuinely a huge part of our team and we are proud to offer our customers the wealth of experience that Nick brings to our business.

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