Myth vs Fact

Myth vs Fact

Animal extremists have used lies, slander, and defamatory comments against the dog breeding industry. We do not shy away from this; on this Myth vs Fact page, we directly address and deny these lies. Feel free to contact us with anything else you would like to see addressed.

We agree with:
  • "Where's Mum"; where all purchasers of a new puppy or dog should always know where mum and dad and came from, and the conditions that they live in.
  • Any dog or other animal farm treating their animals in an inhumane way should be shut down

We do not though, agree with animal activists using lies and slander for this cause.


We are saddened that the public are being led to believe things which are entirely untrue, and that anyone can put something up online and it is then stated and believed as 'true' or 'reality'.

To stop the lies and defamation all we can do is open up our lives to the public. To do so we allow full tours of our entire property, and our customers on these tours can visit wherever they like; there are no boundaries. We speak openly to the media and allow them to film our property, appearing all over the country as the headliners for ethical dog breeding.

We also have hundreds of photos on our website and blog showing our property, our socialisation time, and our live in yards for our mums and dads.

All we ask is that you do not take the word of someone else. If you have an issue or are worried, come for a tour, ask your questions, and make up your own mind.
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