Buying a Banksia Park Puppy

Buying a Banksia Park Puppy

Why don't you sell direct from Gippsland?

We put all of our effort into breeding the best possible puppies, ensuring they all have daily love and attention, and the mums have care taken of them at the critical stages. We also play with, pat, feed, groom and generally take care of all our mums and dads who don't currently have puppies. This takes a lot of time.

When someone is considering having a puppy join their family, this is a big decision. The puppy will be in their lives for many years, and will become part of their family. This family will need help to ensure the puppy they pick is of the right nature to suit their lifestyle, and will perfectly suit them for their entire lifetime - whether this be a family in the suburbs, or a couple in an apartment.

We want you as customers to have the best possible service in picking the right puppy for your individual circumstances, and we also don't want our puppies to miss out on any love or care from us. To ensure this happens, we have a team of Puppy Consultants in Melbourne, who help our customers find the best puppy for them and then also complete the handover and the after sales care with the new family.

Our Puppy Consultants have over 20 years of experience in joining families with their perfect dog, and we are very confident that they can help you with everything you need to know with the convenience of being in suburban Melbourne should you need to visit personally with face-to-face questions.

What is the purchase process?

Check our website for the breed you are looking for, you can reserve any puppy listed as ‘I’m Available’ by using the ‘reserve me now’ button or by calling us on 03 9842 4577. Our website is always up to date and you can rely on its accuracy. We require $100.00 deposit to hold the puppy.

As you may be aware the Victorian Government have introduced some new laws intending to outlaw illegal puppy farms and rogue operators, and we welcome any measures to improve animal welfare standards here in Australia. One of the measures taken is to prevent the sale of puppies through pet shops, so from July 1 you can no longer come and meet your reserved puppy at our shop in Doncaster East. However, we have built a brand new Puppy Information Centre in Chirnside Park (approx 12 minutes from Eastlink Ringwood exit) where we can arrange for you to meet your new puppy and spend as much time playing with, and getting to know your puppy as you need, in a purpose built environment, without the distractions of a retail pet shop.

To operate within the boundaries of this new law, we must receive full payment for any puppy before it leaves our property here in Gippsland, and this can be paid by Bpay, direct transfer or credit card, and in the unlikely event you are not 100% happy with your puppy when you meet, for any reason whatsoever, the transaction will be reversed and your payment refunded in full immediately.


For the best choice please consider joining our Priority List. This is a chronological list that gives you access to our six week old puppies before they are available to the general public. More information on our priority lists

The Priority List pages are very similar to the public site, where photos of puppy and mum and dad are available for you to view to allow you to choose your puppy. To reserve a puppy from the Priority List you simply click the ‘reserve me now’ button.

What are the prices for your puppies?

This page gives you full information on our prices and what is included with your puppy.

How can I adopt an older dog?

We currently have an excellent in-house re-homing program where we re-home all our dogs directly through us at Banksia Park Puppies. To help us and you through this process, we have an Adoption Registration Form for you to fill out. It helps us look at your home and life circumstances, and match the right dog to you and your lifestyle.

Are you choosing ethically?

The decision to bring a puppy into your family requires lots of thought and planning. There are many important factors to consider before making the lifelong commitment into pet ownership. This will be extremely rewarding, but at times very challenging. It is important to be prepared for the challenges ahead by taking the time to research your options and making informed decisions. More about choosing ethically
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