Buying a Banksia Park Puppy

Buying a Banksia Park Puppy

We know buying a puppy can be daunting and complicated. We try to make it simple but there are many aspects to the proess at Banksia Park Puppies. Here is an in-depth explanation of the methods in which you can reserve or buy your Banksia Park Puppy.

1. Research 

The pre-purchase phase involves researching what breed of puppy will suit you and your lifestyle as well as the essential supplies required to welcome your puppy home! We’ve helped you out by making the Research process straightforward.

2. Priority List vs Public Listing

Our Priority List is a convenient way to view and purchase our available puppies via photos before they are released to the general public on our website! We’ll explain how puppies can also be reserved straight from our website without the need to join a waiting list!

3. Reserving your puppy

Once you have picked out your pawfect puppy from the Priority List or our website we’ll show you how to Reserve your puppy!

4. Meet & Greet

Now for the fun part, Meet & Greet time! This is when we arrange an appointment with you to meet your puppy and take it home!

Feel free to email us if you’d like more steps included or information about the process! 🙂

1. Research

So after long and careful consideration, you’ve decided you’re ready to love and care for your new puppy. Puppy ownership is a big and lifelong responsibility which takes planning and commitment but is extremely rewarding. So with an abundance of puppy facts and information we have collated and writen lots of information on our website and blog to help you identify the best puppy for you and your family. 

Which breed suits my family? 

What do I need for my Banksia Park Puppy? 

Our Puppy Consultants are on-hand to help you through the process – from choosing your pawfect puppy to selecting any doggy accessories you’ll need.

2. Priority List vs Public Listing

What is the Priority List?

The Priority List allows you to view our puppies at 6 weeks old before the general public. Puppies can be viewed with photos and the relevant information on our webpage to make choosing your puppy convenient and easy. For each puppy breed we specialise in we have a corresponding Priority List. This allows you to view just the puppies from the breed you want and also helps narrow down the waiting time!

To join all you need to do is click here, follow the prompts to create an account and become a member. To then become an active member a $100 deposit via Paypal is required. The deposit is required to show that a customer is genuinely interested in purchasing a puppy from us, but it is also refundable should you not follow through with the puppy purchasing process. (subject to a 5% admin fee)

How do I move up the Priority List?

The Priority List is in chronological order, so if you join today you will automatically be added to the bottom of the queue and will be sent a confirmation email that you are now an active member. Even though you will be placed at the bottom don’t worry it will only be temporary. You will still have a chance to view the latest available litters once customers higher on the list have had their viewing time and if there are puppies ‘Available’ you will see those too which does often happen. 
You will then be moved up a spot each time a customer above you has reserved and purchased their pawfect puppy!

How does the list work on a Friday?

Each Thursday that we have 6 week puppies in your selected breed you can log in to your account and see your provided activation time. The customer who is first on the list has access at 9.00 am on the Friday (AEST and AEDT) and the list is then deactivated at 3.30 to 4.00 pm. The more people on the list, the shorter viewing time each member has before the next member’s activation. If a customer would like the ‘pick of the litter’ they are more than welcome to wait until they are at the top of the list.

You may be wondering what happens if you’ve been waiting for your activation time on a Friday, you log in, only to find out that all puppies have been ‘Reserved’. We understand that this can be frustrating, but it’s great to remember that as this is a fair queue-system; every time someone above you on the list reserves a puppy, you are a place closer to the top.

I dont want to join the Priority List

If you’re keen to buy a Banksia Park Puppy but aren’t sure about joining our Priority List don’t worry; you don't have to be on a waiting list to purchase a puppy. You can view our Public Listing on our website at any time and click the ‘Reserve Me Now’ button or call 1300 255 277. The latest litters and puppies which aren’t reserved through the Priority List on a Friday are released to the general public on a Saturday, which is good news for all.

Read on to learn about how to ‘Reserve’ a puppy …and later ‘Meet & Greet’ your puppy and ‘Interstate’ information…

3. Reserving your puppy

When browsing for available puppies on the Priority List or looking on our website you will notice the “Reserve Me Now” buttons on the left.

The ‘Reserve Me Now’ button will secure that puppy for you. One of our helpful puppy consultants will contact you within 24 hours to help you reserve that puppy (make sure you know the ‘Puppy Enquiry Code’ as they will want to know this!).

The ‘Reserve Me Now’ button with the arrow on the button will open up into a Contact Form (below). Here you fill in your details and will then be contacted by one of our Puppy Consultants shortly afterwards.

Once you have officially ‘Reserved’ your puppy and paid your $100 deposit, your chosen puppy will then have the ‘I’m Reserved’ title listed on our website!

Next is “Meet & Greet” and or “Interstate” (if that applies to you), for the final steps into the Puppy Purchasing Process…

4. Meet & Greet

You’ve ‘Reserved’ a beautiful Banksia Park Puppy…so what happens next?

Making an appointment

Whether you have reserved one of our puppies from the Priority List or from our website, one of our helpful Puppy Consultants will contact you to arrange an appointment time to ‘Meet and Greet’ your puppy at our Information Centre in Chirnside Park, Melbourne.


What happens at our Puppy Information Centre?

You may be wondering why we arrange puppy pick-ups from our ‘Information Centre’. A politically based Bill was passed late last year in Parliament which affects the dog breeding industry and pet shops of Victoria! The new legislation prohibits the selling of puppies and kittens from ‘Pet Shops’ in Victoria. Our Information Centre complies will all new legislation and is strictly involved in only the consultation and support process, as well as the handing over of our puppies to their new families. Puppies are not kept or homed at the Information Centre but instead safely delivered to the puppy-friendly facility via a climatised van and only when the puppy is fully sold and paid for by the family.

No available puppies are held at this location to comply with the legislation and although this is not convenient for many families, unfortunately it is not something we can change. For these reasons, Meet and Greet pick-up times are by appointment only and held on the designated delivery days. If for some reason a puppy owner does not want to follow through with the pick-up of their chosen puppy at their Meet and Greet time, you can be fully refunded and the puppy will be transported back to our Banksia Park Puppies breeding facility in Stradbroke, Victoria.

Requirements before you pick up your puppy

To operate within the boundaries of the new state law, we must receive full payment for any puppy before it leaves our property here in Gippsland. This can be paid by direct transfer, Bpay or credit card. In the unlikely event you are not 100% happy with your puppy when you meet (for any reason whatsoever) the transaction will be reversed and your payment refunded in full immediately, via the same payment channel you used.

Our Puppy Consultants will also email your invoice and send your entire puppy pack electronically for you to read, along with detailed directions to the Puppy Information Centre (as it isn’t yet on Google maps).

When can my puppy be picked up? 

The date your puppy is ready to ‘Meet and Greet’ and to go home is listed alongside the puppy photos as ‘ready to go’ on the website (see below). If you reserved a puppy via the Priority List it will be 6 weeks of age at that time and will be ready to go home in 2 weeks time, at 8 weeks. Why 8 weeks of age? This is when your puppy is developmentally ready to leave it’s Mum and siblings and has been weaned of Mum’s milk onto soft but solid puppy food! 8-10 weeks is an invaluable time for your puppy to bond with you and your family as well as learn positive social and human interaction, also known as the Human Socialisation Period, so it is ideal that your puppy is collected as close as possible to the listed ‘ready to go’ date.

Arrangements need to be made for us to keep the puppy beyond this date and this is strongly discouraged given the importance of time that this is both for your family as well as your new family member.


Congratulations, you are now the new pawrent of a beautiful Banksia Park Puppy! We hope you share many happy memories and milestones together. Share with us your pawfect puppy moments on Instagram, Facebook or email

Remember we are always an email or call 1300 255 277 away if you need help before, during or after the Puppy Purchasing Process! 🙂

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