Cavoodles at a Glance

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Poodle
  •     Shedding – Low
  •     Exercise required – Low
We DNA test our parents as part of our diligent surveillance to ensure we keep the incidence of problems in our puppies to an absolute minimum. See here for more information.

Cavoodle Information

Banksia Park breed both first and second generation, toy and miniature Cavoodle puppies. These are a very affectionate, gentle and intelligent small sized dog, ideal for families with children and without. Banksia Park Cavoodle puppies are sure to delight you and your children for years to come. 

Cavoodles are content in a small backyard, require a low amount of exercise (although lots of walks and exercise are still great!). Cavoodles have a low shedding, allergy friendly coat.

We will occasionally also have straight coat Cavoodles. These puppies have all of the health and temperament benefits of being a cross breed, but are a little more likely to shed as they have taken on more of the DNA from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel than the Poodle. Their coats will therefore be more Cavalier looking than Poodle looking. 

Banksia Park Cavoodles come in a several colours including gold, red, black or occasionally parti-colour, and are a small sized dog, approximately 6-10 kg and 30-40cm tall to the shoulder when fully grown.

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