Poodles at a Glance

  •     Shedding – Low
  •     Exercise required – Low

Poodle Information

Poodles are a low shedding hyperallergenic dog. They are playful but very intelligent. They love to have a run and are a great dog to train as they learn quickly and well. They can suit apartments or big backyards alike. Banksia Park Poodles can be different sizes based on their mum and dad, but we mostly breed mini-Poodles.

Miniature Poodles are formally classified in show breeding circles as between 28-35cm, our Poodles are not show dogs and no 'papers' will be given to show their status. We breed our Poodles based on lineage of health and temperament. Their size will be based on the size of their parents so just ask our Puppy Consultants if you would like information on Banksia Park Poodles.

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