Groodles at a Glance

Golden Retriever cross Miniature Poodle
  •     Shedding – Low
  •     Exercise required – Medium

Groodle Information

The Groodle is a very intelligent and grand dog with a gentle and affectionate nature. Groodles are active and need regular exercise, and respond extremely well to obedience training. Groodles are an excellent, well behaved family dog, providing they get the correct training. Groodles generally have a low shedding coat that may be suitable for those with allergies and they usually require clipping and grooming. Please speak with us before reserving a Groodle if you need an allergy friendly dog.
The Groodle is ideally suited to people that want and expect a lot from their dog, being an incredibly intelligent and responsive dog. Groodles are great with kids of all ages and love a walk and a swim. Groodle puppies can become ‘big headed’ and will dominate if not handled correctly (click here for training).
Banksia Park Breed first generation puppies from our Golden Retriever mums, and second generation puppies from our Groodle mums, all with a Mini Poodle sire.
Banksia Park Groodles come in several colours including white, gold, red or black. Groodles are a medium size dog, approximately 15-25kg and 40-50cm tall to the shoulder when fully grown. 

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