Moodles at a Glance

Maltese cross Poodle
  •     Shedding – Low
  •     Exercise required – Low

Moodle Information

Moodles are also sometimes known as Maltipoo puppies. The Moodle is an energetic, happy, fun loving little dog with heaps of energy. Banksia Park Moodles are ideally suited to families with young active kids, as Moodles are very happy chasing a ball around the back yard, or racing along next to a child’s bike. 

The Moodle is a small dog and doesn’t need a huge back yard, but loves a walk and to play. The Moodle is a very affectionate dog that loves to cuddle and soak up attention. Our Moodle puppies have curly, low shedding, allergy friendly coats that require clipping and grooming.

Banksia Park Moodles come in several colours including white, black or gold. Moodles are a small sized dog, approximately 5-7kg and 25-35cm tall to the shoulder when fully grown.

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