11 October 2016

The bill introduced by the Andrews Government today will punish ethical, transparent and regulated dog breeding businesses such as ours, while doing little to actually stop the practice of ‘puppy farming’.

Forcing the closure of larger breeding businesses like Banksia Park Puppies by imposing an arbitrary limit of 10 breeding dogs for which there is no animal welfare evidence will potentially make the problem of puppy farming worse, not better.

The Government’s bill is also at complete odds with its own draft action plan for animal welfare which is currently out for consultation, which includes an emphasis on an evidence-based approach to animal welfare regulation.

It also puts at risk up to 25 jobs involved with running our business and caring for our dogs and puppies as well as jeopardising the economic contribution our business makes to the local community.

The Government’s approach will lead to a proliferation of backyard breeders who will be difficult to monitor given the already limited resources available to local councils and the RSPCA.

More Victorians will be forced to look for their preferred breed of puppy from backyard breeders, online or interstate under the Andrews Government approach.

We’ve extended several invitations to the Minister for Agriculture and the Premier to visit Banksia Park and see for themselves how a professional dog breeding business is run and the level of care we provide for our animals.

It seems they prefer photo opportunities for Facebook rather than learning from a reputable business with decades of experience.

We hope members of the Legislative Council will take the opportunity to refer the Government’s bill to a committee for more careful consideration of its real impact and to achieve better animal welfare outcomes.

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