Better enforcement of existing laws for better animal welfare

Better enforcement of existing laws for better animal welfare

08 December 2016

The Andrews Government’s decision not to proceed with it’s so-called ‘puppy farm’ Bill in its current form is a welcome response to the parliamentary inquiry into the proposed legislation.

In her response to the Economy and Infrastructure Committee report on the bill, the Minister for Agriculture, Jaala Pulford, foreshadowed greater enforcement of existing legislation to protect animal welfare.

Matt Hams of Banksia Park Puppies said this was the right step and recognition of the fact that Government already has the power to stop the sub-standard breeding practices that are of concern to the Victorian community.

‘We have said all along that Government already has the power to act against ‘puppy farms’ without the need for additional legislation. The 2014 Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments is the most stringent in Australia and the issue has always been the lack of resources to enforce the existing code.’

‘We welcome the rigorous enforcement of current provisions that the Minister has promised. As ethical breeders we have always complied with the code and are confident that its proper enforcement will lead to the closure of cruel and illegal breeders.

‘We also ask that the Minister ensures that Councils have the necessary resources and training they need to do this job properly and put an end to cruel and illegal breeding operations.’

Mr Hams said Banksia Park Puppies looked forward to the opportunity to participate in the consultation process promised by the Minister in the development of a new Bill in 2017.

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