Banksia Park Puppies applaud Council's step in the right direction

Banksia Park Puppies applaud Council's step in the right direction

19 March 2015

Banksia Park Puppies applaud rate rises as the key to animal welfare

Third generation dog breeders Banksia Park Puppies, have welcomed a dramatic rates increase in the Wellington Shire to better monitor and enforce dog breeding standards.

The significant increases announced by the Wellington Shire will see the current registration costs of $150 per year rise to $2,500 annually, plus an additional $15 per year per-dog on top of the current per-dog registration fee.

Owner and third generation breeder Matt Hams said that despite a significant rates increase he welcomed the move because it would boost resources to crack down on unscrupulous and illegal operators and lead to better animal welfare outcomes.

“We have a strong record of transparency and maintain clean, open facilities.

“My key priority is always the health and happiness of our dogs, so anything that enforces this across the board will be good for the community and for animal welfare.

“As part of the government working group providing advice into regulation issues we helped ensure that Victoria has world’s best practice breeding standards and regulations.

“However like any regulation, these elite standards need to be strictly enforced to ensure the health and safety of dogs and puppies. This rates increase will boost Wellington Shire’s capacity to ensure animal welfare is being held to the highest standard, and in accordance with the law.

“When it comes to animal welfare, Banksia Park Puppies and the entire community expect nothing less.”

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