18 July 2018

Banksia Park Puppies is appalled that the alleged conditions of dogs found in the Wellington Shire were so bad that they warranted immediate seizure of 39 dogs. The dogs have been reported to have been kept in trailers on a rural property, with many allegedly requiring immediate veterinary care.

Banksia Park Puppies would like to take this time to remind the public to thoroughly check the breeder that you are looking at purchasing from; how do they socialise their animals? Where is mum kept? What are their socialisation programs? Do they allow you to see not just mum and puppies but where they live? These questions are integral in ensuring that the public only buys ethically bred puppies.

Kirstin Hams, Operational Director of Banksia Park Puppies said that the seizure needs to be a warning for anyone searching for a puppy.
‘The public need to be aware of rogue breeders and there are lots of tools in place such as the RSPCA Smart Puppy Buyers Guide to help you sort through the bad breeders from the ethical ones.
‘We urge the public to ask lots of questions, and make sure you feel comfortable in the response. Never meet the person with the puppy on the side of the road or in a park somewhere; this should be a red flag that something isn’t quite right.
‘Unfortunately, people who breed without a licence or registration, without proper care, in horrible conditions, who fool the public, they bring down the entire industry.
‘There are lots of great breeders doing the right thing who are ethical, open and transparent. We really want those searching for a puppy to know it’s ok to take the time to find the right breeder and one who you feel completely comfortable with.’
Matt Hams, Managing Director of Banksia Park Puppies commends the Wellington Shire for their diligence in finding these breeders.
‘The Wellington Shire has done a great job in finding these unregistered breeders; this is what is needed more to shut down those doing the wrong thing.
‘It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have, it matters how you take care of them. Whether the breeder has 10 or 200 dogs; what matters is the care taken of these animals.’

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