Puppy Love for Buchan Primary School

Puppy Love for Buchan Primary School

04 November 2021

The day is fast approaching when the Buchan Primary School will be united with their future wellbeing cavoodle puppy. On 10 Nov 2021 representatives from the school will be travelling to Banksia Park Puppies in Stradbroke to pick up their Puppy donated by the Professional Dog Breeders.

The children and the town are all very excited to be meeting their cavoodle puppy which will be trained and accredited as part of the school. The puppy will join the Buchan Primary School in the hope to support students experiencing trauma, or any other difficulties or anxieties.

The Community has been widely affected with the bushfires which tore through the town and local community in 2019-2020, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. The puppy will help to ease anxieties, while building resilience, engagement and wellbeing of the students at Buchan Primary School.
Owner and third generation breeder Matt Hams is thrilled to be able to help ‘When we saw the school asking for donations for a wellbeing dog, we knew it was something we needed to be involved in.”
“Our local Gippsland community has been through so much over the past few years; first the drought, then bushfires, then Covid-19.”
“We knew immediately that donating a cavoodle puppy to the primary school was something we wanted to do to help this community rebuild.”
“We think this little cavoodle puppy (already named Marley) will help the students feel a warmth about attending school and help ease some of the anxiety that runs through a small country town after hardship.”
Banksia Park Puppies takes pride in being open and transparent, and giving back to the community. Matt says “We have various programs in house such as volunteers for work experience and tour groups such as school holiday programs and Aged Homes. We also have a well-established history of donating a puppy to a community or similar where we can see an enormous benefit to a group or individual through the love of a puppy.

Photo and Video opportunities

Media is welcome on the handover day Wednesday November 10 2021. A staff member from the Buchan Primary School will be in attendance as well as two children and the handover team of Puppy Consultants from Banksia Park Puppies. Banksia Park Puppies Owner Matt Hams will also be available on the day for comment and video.


About Banksia Park Puppies

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Banksia Park Puppies has a world class facility, where our dogs and puppies are socialised, have environmental enrichment programs, and are of fantastic temperament. Our puppies are born into purpose built facilities with heaters and heated floors. Our mums and dads live in yards comparable to the average suburban backyard, and in some cases much bigger.


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