27 June 2018
After 5 days of heartache and concern, Banksia Park Puppies near Sale has expressed thanks to Victoria Police today following the safe return to their care of five young puppies which were taken by animal activists last week.

The three King Charles Cavalier and two Ruby Cavoodle puppies were under 8 weeks old. One of the puppies was being monitored by a vet for a heart concern.
Matt Hams, Managing Director of Banksia Park Puppies, said so-called animal welfare activists were believed to be responsible for taking the puppies.
‘The actions of these extremists jeopardised the welfare of these young puppies who were still being weaned.’ Mr Hams said.
‘They have also caused serious distress for the puppies mothers, Crunchie and Patch, who have had their offspring abruptly taken from them.
‘At Banksia Park Puppies we undertake a carefully considered weaning period where mums and siblings adjust to more time alone and become independent to deal with the stress placed on them by a change in environment,’ Mr Hams said.
The puppies were immediately taken to an experienced Veterinary Clinic where a full examination took place. Although there were no obvious lasting effects found, Mr Hams was disappointed in the state of the young puppies.
‘The puppies are now thankfully in our expert care, but I was disappointed in the condition that they were found in. Not only were they taken too early from their mothers, but it was obvious that they were placed in unsuitable, and unclean living conditions.’
Mr Hams said the actions of so-called animal welfare activists have caused harm to the animals they purported to help.
‘Our business is regulated, open and completely transparent. We place the highest priority on the health and welfare of our animals,’ Mr Hams said.
‘However, you just can’t reason with these extremists who believe they are above the law in pursuing their agenda and think it’s okay to come onto a family property and steal tiny puppies from the safety of our nursery,’ Mr Hams said.
‘Our business is also home for our young family, as well as our passionate and dedicated local staff who have been deeply upset by this incident and were worried about the welfare of the stolen puppies.’
‘Our top priority though is the welfare of these puppies, and we are incredibly grateful to the police for their help in finding them and returning them to our care.’


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