Banksia Park Puppies welcomes sensible proposals for better animal welfare

Banksia Park Puppies welcomes sensible proposals for better animal welfare

06 December 2016

One of Victoria’s longest-established dog breeding businesses has called on the Andrews Government to adopt the recommendations of the Victorian Parliament’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee following its review of the proposed changes to domestic animal breeding laws.

The Committee today released its report following its inquiry into the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Bill 2016. The Committee made 18 recommendations, including:

  • Withdrawal of the current Bill and establish a stakeholder working group to consult on the drafting of a new Bill;

  • Abandon the 10 fertile female limit proposed in the current Bill;

  • Provision of additional funding to local government to appropriately enforce current legislation;

  • Development of a new compliance and enforcement strategy alongside the new Bill detailing the roles of the RSPCA and local councils; and,

  • Longer timeframes for transitioning to the new Bill should be implemented to allow local councils to manage the transition.

Matt Hams of Banksia Park Puppies said the Committee’s recommendations had been informed by extensive consultation and careful consideration of the issues involved in delivering better animal welfare outcomes.

‘We have always supported sensible and effective regulation but the Government’s proposed Bill did nothing to deliver better outcomes for animal welfare.

‘In fact, it has the potential to make the situation worse by forcing reputable breeders out of business, making it harder for Victorians to buy a puppy from a transparent, ethical and accountable breeder.’

Mr Hams said the current Code of Practice for breeding and rearing businesses which was introduced by the previous Coalition Government in 2014 had been the subject of extensive consultation and provided a good basis from which to promote better welfare outcomes.

‘We have the right regulations in place now. What we really need is better compliance and enforcement, something that has been highlighted by the Committee in its recommendations.

‘If the Andrews Government is serious about animal welfare in Victoria, it will accept the Committee’s recommendation to withdraw the deeply flawed Bill and undertake proper engagement and consultation with dog breeders who are the people best-placed to deliver better animal welfare outcomes,’ Mr Hams said.

Mr Hams thanked the Committee for its role in undertaking the inquiry and for the opportunity to present his concerns about the proposed legislation.

‘In particular we acknowledge the great efforts of Mr Joshua Morris MLC, the Committee chair, for establishing the inquiry and providing a wide range of stakeholders the opportunity to present their views on the Bill.

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