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Dear Nick, Steve and Kate,

We wanted to let you know how our Mini Groodle (2814), Smudge, is doing.

We are very thankful for your expertise in helping us choose the right pup for us. She is exactly what we needed in temperament, which is due to you really listening to what we wanted and discerning what would work.

We were taking quite a risk because one of our sons was phobic of dogs – in the true clinical sense. When we first got Smudge, he wouldnt come downstairs to where she was unless someone was holding her. It took him a few weeks, which was much shorter than we expected. As you will see from the photos, he has come a long way and loves her very much. We were away recently and 2 dogs approached, this used to make him panic and run to me or his Dad for protection. This time, he bent down and patted the dogs as they passed by. I am sure this transition has a lot to do with Smudges temperament, so again, thank you.

Our other 3 children are also besotted with Smudge and of course my husband and I are too! The kids cant wait to greet her after school and the younger 2 always want to be the ones to let her out of the laundry in the morning. She really is an integral part of our family.

We are enjoying her very much. She is very intelligent just as you described. Her coat colour has changed quite a bit (as is normal, I believe) but she is still the cutest dog (yes, were biased) ever!

Smudge - Mini Groodle

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