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Puppy-monials (Our puppies with their new families)

If you have a puppy from Pines Pets, please let us know how pup is doing, we would love to know and can share your experience with others. Just contact us here.




Hi there

Thought I would drop you a line and let you know that our mini groodle "Ella" is just adorable. Ive attached a couple of photos of her to standing still long enough to take a quick snap! She has settled very well into the family and has been relatively easy to train (with a few accidents here and there!)

She has been to puppy school and done lots of socialising and we try to take her with us as much as possible and is the biggest hit no matter where we go! Last weekend we went to Williamstown and it coincided with the 110th Anniversary of Harley Davidson - we even had bikies taking photos of her. She is very social and enjoys walking and meeting other dogs, children and anyone really...... our walks take double the time they should by the time we stop and chat and tell everyone we meet all about her.

Well thats all for now except for a big thank you we are more than happy with our bundle of joy!


Groodle Ella


Schnauzer Fritz



Fritz is doing very well, thank you.

We are looking forward to getting his final vaccination on Saturday and some time after that he will have his first haircut!

Ive attached a few photos.

Micaela (& Todd)

Schnauzer Fritz


Hi Pine Pets Team,

I couldnt be happier with my Spoodle – Petal. She has settled in very well and has a gorgeous and loving temperament – very cheeky at times but makes me smile and laugh each day! She loves exercising and going to the park or swimming at the beach, and is also great socially – whether it be joining me for lunch out with friends and sitting under the table, or letting little children pat her. Shes also very intelligent and has recently successfully finished puppy school.

Heres a recent snap of her enjoying the autumn leaves in the park.


Spoodle Petal



Our little Spoodle, Bella, is almost five months old now and we cant believe how fast time has gone since we got her!

She settled in at home very quickly and after a couple of days already had the run of the household! Bella is now fully toilet trained and has recently graduated from Puppy Pre-School and enjoys showing off her new tricks (sit, drop, shake, roll, high five, spin and bow)!

Despite being very cheeky she is incredibly well behaved and loves playing with her toys and being taken for walks.

Bella has been a welcome addition to our family and is much loved by all of us!

I have attached a picture of her for you - she is certainly a lot bigger now than the little fluff ball we picked up in February!

Kind Regards,


Spoodle Bella


Dear Nick and Team at Pines Pets,

We wanted to let you know how much joy our little Puggle girl 'Mia' has brought to our family. We couldnt be happier with her. She is 6 months old now and she is part of the family. The Puggle really has the best elements of both the Pug and the Beagle. She has the cheekiness and playfulness of the Beagle and the love and affection of the Pug. She loves going for walks and has her special toys that she plays with. She is also very intelligent and with her keen sense of smell, can sniff out her toys when we hide them. Our boys absolutely adore her. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the girls for all your help and advice. We have no hesitation in recommending Pines Pets for anyone looking for that special addition to their family.

I've attached a recent photo of Mia.

Best regards,
David & Rachel

Puggle 'Mia'


Groodle Ella at the Beach


Hi everyone!
We picked up our beautiful little Schnoodle pup from you on Feb 22. We named her Lexie, which means mans defender. A huge thank- you to Nick who carried out a fantastic hand over of her to us. We were both very nervous when we saw how small she was but Nick put us at ease as he took us through everything & answered my page of questions !
Lexie has recently had her 12 week vaccinations & was a very brave girl. The vet said she was fantastic & was a good settled pup. We had Ian the dog trainer out 2 give us some tips & will enroll her in a local obedience school very soon. She defiantly has a cheeky streak but we wanted a dog with personality ! She is an absolute delight & brings joy into our lives every day. Thank you so much for looking after her & us. We have told everyone how impressed we were with you & will defiantly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a puppy.
We can't believe how much she has grown ! I will send through some pictures.
Thanks again, Anne & Paul

Schnoodle Lexie


Thank you very much. We are delighted with our little one!

Your service has been outstanding and i shall be referring your details on to other friends looking for a puppy.

Thanks again

Cavador puppy


Both of our Cavadors from Pines Pets are doing so well and are best friends! Bailey is now 9 months old and Ollie is coming up to 4 months. Thank-you, we couldn't love them more!

Bailey and Ollie


Hi Team at Pine Pets

Ziggy is doing great! Have attached some pictures, he's got lots of personality and energy :-) He even gets along well with my cat Coco!

About a month ago - waiting for puppy pre-school to start!

Spoodle Ziggy


3 weeks ago - sleeping with his Ted! He loves Ted <3

Spoodle Ziggy


Taken a week ago - looking all grown up after his first puppy groom :)

Spoodle Ziggy


Dear Nick, Steve and Kate,

We wanted to let you know how our Mini Groodle (2814), Smudge, is doing.

We are very thankful for your expertise in helping us choose the right pup for us. She is exactly what we needed in temperament, which is due to you really listening to what we wanted and discerning what would work.

We were taking quite a risk because one of our sons was phobic of dogs – in the true clinical sense. When we first got Smudge, he wouldnt come downstairs to where she was unless someone was holding her. It took him a few weeks, which was much shorter than we expected. As you will see from the photos, he has come a long way and loves her very much. We were away recently and 2 dogs approached, this used to make him panic and run to me or his Dad for protection. This time, he bent down and patted the dogs as they passed by. I am sure this transition has a lot to do with Smudges temperament, so again, thank you.

Our other 3 children are also besotted with Smudge and of course my husband and I are too! The kids cant wait to greet her after school and the younger 2 always want to be the ones to let her out of the laundry in the morning. She really is an integral part of our family.

We are enjoying her very much. She is very intelligent just as you described. Her coat colour has changed quite a bit (as is normal, I believe) but she is still the cutest dog (yes, were biased) ever!

Smudge - Mini Groodle


Smudge - Mini Groodle


Smudge - Mini Groodle


Smudge - Mini Groodle


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