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Hi Nick and Matt,

Just a quick hello and as promised wanted to let you know how well Nala is doing. It has been 10 weeks already that Nala has joined our home and she is an absolute joy. She's the cutest, cuddliest, extremely smart, healthy, and very happy puppy. We could not have asked for a more perfect puppy.

We have been very busy socialising her since we got her, walks (we get stop all the time; people commenting how cute she is and wanting a cuddle), puppy pre-school, and currently obedience training/puppy school. We take her to a dog park every day for some exercise and play with her friends which is conveniently at a couple of strolls away. She adapted quickly to the house, she is house trained, will sit on command, drop, and roll-over.

So we would like to thank you Matt and your Dad to welcome us to your property on both occasion to meet our little one. We were very pleased with how well and healthy all your dogs were; the cleanliness and how dedicated you and your staff are to the dogs and as well as meeting Nala's parents, brothers and sisters. You have made this whole important experience so easy, exciting and memorable.

To Nick and the team at Pines pets, great customer service and very knowledgeable. We were very impressed on the handover of Nala to us with all the valuable tips on coping through the first night. (Which was very good she only woke up twice; and since sleeps all through the night). We won't miss to stop and say hi the next time we are in the area.

Attached are some pics of Nala taken this week.

Thanks again

Fabrice and Stefanie

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