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Hi Nick and Mia,

As promised, here are some photos of Darcy mini groodle 6 weeks into his new home!

He was top of his puppy preschool - Mia we're told we have you to thank for Darcy being such a well behaved pup in those first few weeks :)

He's super social and everyone loves him. He knows sit, drop, shake, stay and roll so far..

He's famous in our neighborhood .. We get stopped all the time because everyone wants a pat and even if we're not with him - by people asking "do you have a puppy called Darcy?" :)

He has his naughty moments ;) cheeky nips as we walk down the hall or tearing at his pee pads, but
we're looking forward to taking him out to his first park visit (his final shot is this weekend). He's been dying to do more than his walks around the block ..

Thanks again to you both - we couldn't be happier with our new addition to the family!

Sam and Deepa


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