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Hi Nick and Steve,
Our little Ruby is growing up.
She is an absolute joyful addition to our bustling household. From the very timid, meek little puppy that came home on the first
day, she has blossomed to be a cheeky, boisterous bundle of love.
We are so thrilled to have chosen her, (secretly we think she chose us.)
She is social, fun loving, a little spoilt and all the things we hold dear to our hearts. Our three children adore her as do we.
Ian the trainer visited us early on and she has been very responsive to many of his techniques.
We love her to bits and thank you for bringing her into our lives.
If we ever opt for a second pup (which we may do: a cream puff we think to complement our Ruby) we will be in touch in a flash.
Thanks again and kind regards

Cavoodle Ruby

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